Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels


Designing the best products is as wonderful as offering the best services in the industry. The reality is that they do not matter if the consumer does not know about them. This is where marketing comes in to play. It is the process of letting the general public know that your company has got the best product or service that will help them live a better life.

Marketing has evolved though. The days of traditional marketing is long gone. Now organizations employ the use of digital channels to put out word about what they have got to offer the public. Some of the digital marketing channels are:


This digital media channel affords organizations an opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with their customers and would-be customers. It has helped organizations to build their brands. With options like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more; it is important that digital marketers use the channel that will most likely promote their business brand.  Here is a video on how to use social media marketing.


This digital channel offers a good return-on-investment. Organizations get phone numbers and emails of potential and existing customers. These contacts are gotten through various means. It could be a pop-up on a web page as you browse the internet or any other. With the contacts gotten, the organization informs those on its list of any product or service it is about to introduce or already offers in the market.


This is the placing of adverts on websites, forums or blogs that have a large following. Once the website, forum, or blog has a large following, lots of people get to see the displayed message of an organization. This channel of marketing also includes the use of Per-Impression, which is payment for how many people who visit the page of the website.


This digital marketing channel involves itself with creating useful content. The quality of the material that is displayed reflects on the number of visitors a website receives. So whether it is a video, text, or graphics; once the content is reach, it will even drive potential customers to the website.


This type of digital marketing does not just want to be seen, but to pay only for a call to action. So, when an advert is posted on the website, pay-per-click pays a certain amount for everyone who clicks on the advert banner. By so doing, the organization effectively uses its resources to pay for only those who were driven to their website.


This channel does not cost the organization any money at all. All the organization needs to do is to link keywords that will make their website be seen when a person uses a search engine to look for an item on the web.


This can be likened to content marketing because the essence is to project the image of an organization through the content being promoted. Some Online Public Relations networks are free while others require for a subscription to be made.


This channel works by having people who sell an organization’s product or service in return for a percentage or commission. This helps an organization to reach wider and further.

After considering all these digital marketing channels, an organization should now choose the one that best serves its purpose of creating brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics

Whether you are a marketing professional or just establishing yourself in this field, there are a number of significant digital marketing basics that you just cannot afford to take for granted. Having a solid foundation or roots for your marketing is a major ingredient to your business success, and it begins with the following 5 basics.

1. Marketing Planning Process

Great marketing strategies or ideas ought to be specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented, and timed (S.M.A.R.T). Therefore, instead of a goal of more sites, you should think “ ten qualified leads each month”. Beginning with a concrete marketing strategy with specific goals is going to make the all difference between success, and failure .

2. Know the Numbers, and Trust Them

When you have Google Analytics on your website , or any other kind of recognizable statistical software for that matter then you possibly have numbers and you are not aware what to do those numbers. However, are they beneficial to you? According to a study by Experian Data Quality, 81 percent of companies believe data is crucial to their digital marketing success. But 84 percent are having data quality problems, and they do not understand or trust their numbers! Understanding-and measuring-your numbers is significant for any effective digital marketing campaign.

3. Data & Analytical Literacy

Your business just recently launched a marketing campaign, pageviews start rising, and the marketing team is already smelling and declaring success. But the CFO queries how this affects the bottom line. When your site visits are up 30 percent, but your conversion rates stay put, ask yourself where the success is. You should plan your marketing campaigns with measurable rates of conversion. Know who’s converting, and where.

4. Create New Content

Content is king, as it’s said. And you cannot really afford to ignore this. It’s usually the most efficient means of promoting your website together with social sites. Therefore, whether you are going to generate yourself content, or you have a team to help you do this, ensure you do it consistently. Know that original content matters a lot.

5. On-Page SEO

Once you have created the content, it’s time now to perform SEO on the page so that your content may be found. It includes image optimization, relevant keywords, among other technical issues. And take your time to correctly do this. Failure in this aspect is going to result in reduced performance which could easily have been avoided.

The above 5 digital marketing basics are quite valuable, whether you are a professional or just beginning in digital marketing. They are bound to raise your business to a whole new level of performance when used correctly.